Kristy Murphy Photography | About

Sometimes it may seem like I'm all over the place as a photographer. I love shooting in urban landscapes, incorporating the murals and architecture and all the details that make a city unique, but I also love trees and wind and rivers and tall backlit grasses. I love shooting headshots and seniors and families. Natural and studio lighting. Perfectly orchestrated shots and happy accidents and everything in between. But the one thing I'm ALWAYS seeking and responding to is the spark of life: the beauty or wit or humanity in an image. That little extra something that makes you FEEL. Joy or sadness; connected or hopeful. Seen. Loved. ALIVE. This is not easy to convey as a "brand," of course, but for me, that's just where it's at. 

You can contact me directly at or (317) 260-9758 for more information about rates and availability. And follow me on Instagram @kmurphoto and “like” my Facebook page if you want to keep up to date on my latest work and other new developments.
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